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Bringing Wisdom to the Information Age


A Personal Computer is a powerful tool! Some people learn to use a computer because they have something very specific in mind that they would like to accomplish. Others want to learn about a computer and the Internet in order to "keep up with the times".  You may have your own reasons for wanting to learn about computers. The SeniorNet goal is to help you learn about computer and communication technologies in ways that will enable you to use them for your own benefit and the benefit of others in your community and across the world. Classes are small and feature hands-on activities. Introductory courses are for older adults who may have no previous computer experience. They are designed to be enjoyable and "user friendly."  The La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center provides the Curriculum and currently offers Courses, Seminars and Workshops, as shown in the 2019 Annual Session Schedule.


The La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center has augmented the Standard Course Offerings with added opportunities for our members.  The SeniorNet "Seminar Series" is an instructor led teaching series designed to offer more in-depth information on selected topics and the "Workshop Series" where students get to work along with the instructor and coaches developing new skills. Please click on each of the buttons above to learn what we have to offer.



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