Computer Part 2

Level #1

Introduction to Computers, Part Two - $18.00

Course Code – C2

Prerequisite – Pass “Intro to Computers, Part One” or proficiency exam.

This is a 6-lesson course continuing the lessons learned in C1 by focusing on basic computer fundamentals and software. Using a word processing software program, you will learn how to create, save, access, and delete documents and folders and how to enhance documents. You will also have an introduction to Excel spreadsheets to understand its function and capability. Then you will apply what you learned in the word processing program to other programs that use ribbons (toolbars), taskbars, icons and commands that are similar in many software programs. Basic computer navigation using the Windows File Management system is also reviewed.  This is an excellent introductory course to gain confidence and learn what a computer can do for you.  It is designed to prepare you for intermediate and advanced courses such as Digital Photography, using the Internet and Email, advanced "Microsoft Word," Excel, and Creative Design.