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       How To ?

 A new section of our SeniorNet HQ Website is called “How To” and it will be continually increased with loads of good information!  The “How To” is organized into three (3) parts.  First, a description of why you would want to be doing this particular thing?, what it will accomplish for you?, and how it should help you?  Second, a step-by-step procedure, showing you how to perform the task, for which you can generate a “print-out” to save.  And, Third, a brief video clip, which you can view as often as you wish, demonstrating the procedure!  If you use a “dial-up” connection, it will take a little time for the video clips to be loaded.

 The hyperlink for this section of SeniorNet is:


   The Current “How To” offerings are:

·        Mouse Exercises

·        Moving The Task Bar

·        Hiding The Task Bar

·        Adding Or Deleting Task Bar Items

·        Minimizing Windows

·        Resizing and Moving Windows

·        Arranging Windows

·        Copying Text

·        Moving Text

·        Displaying File Extensions

·        Adjusting The Time & Date

 The “Mouse Exercises” alone have a great benefit to the ‘Novice’ user !!  How about “Using The Right-Click Menus”??  That’s a ‘Coming Soon’ function and we’ll keep you posted!