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Our website is dedicated to our seniors and we invite you to take advantage of all that we have to offer!

Background information on the learning center 

SeniorNet Learning Centers offer computer classes that are specifically designed for adults 50 and older, with little or no computer knowledge. Since 1986, SeniorNet has educated millions of older adults in regards to the use of computers and the Internet to enrich their lives and enable them to share their wisdom.

The La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center offers a low-cost, friendly introduction to using computers. SeniorNet's basic curriculum is comprised of courses on Personal Computer Basics, an Introduction to the use of Computer Applications, an Introduction to Navigating the Internet, including E-mail, and an Introduction to Word Processing and being productive with a Personal Computer.

More advanced courses offered by the Learning Center include topics, Introductory in nature, such as Genealogy, Creative Graphics and Digital Photography.  The Learning Center Seminar Series, “Managing Your Personal Computer System” will be presented with one seminar scheduled in each of the three sessions, during the calendar year 2015, to assist our older adults in the care and use of their computer system.  And, continuing in the 2015 calendar, is the Learning Center’s “Personal Computer Workshop Series”, the first of which was  “Beginning Basics”, dedicated to the Skills Development of the “Novice User”.  Again, in 2015 is the “File Management” Workshop, a two-session class that will assist the Student to “Organize & Maintain” the Windows File system, and the popular “eBay Buy & Sell” Workshop answering the questions “How to Buy and Sell on eBay”.  A “creative” workshop will be offered again in the 2015 venue, called “How To Create A Personal Greeting Card”. We will continue to add workshops and seminars so please check back from time to time so you don't miss that perfect class we developed just for you. By clicking on the "courses" link at the top you'll be whisked to the web pages that let you know what and when our classes are offered.

The La Mirada Learning Center’s Computer Laboratory is a well-equipped, modern learning environment using sixteen Student Workstations as well as an Instructor’s Workstation.   All “Courses” are “step-by-step” and “hands-on”, with one student sitting at each workstation.

§         We hold an Open lab every Friday from 1 to 5. Students and volunteers are encouraged to use this time to bring in their computer questions and/or their computers to receive help and advice from  other volunteers. It has been a very successful program and we have solved many issues for those who came in. This is also and excellent time for students to practice their skills or to work on individual projects.

§         The Learning Center will be offering participation in specialty workshops and seminars on technology-related subjects throughout the year.                  

§         A full “multimedia” Instructional System is used.  All classes will be taught   by actually projecting the “step-by-step” activity of the course material on a 96” X 96” screen at the front of the classroom via a powerful, ceiling-mounted projection system.

§         The Learning Center is managed by Senior Volunteers and all classes are taught and coached by Volunteer Instructors.  We have found that peer teaching can be effective and rewarding for the older adult instructors as well as for the students.

The La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center is located in the beautiful City of La Mirada’s Activity Center at 13810 La Mirada Boulevard, La Mirada, CA  90638 . The Learning Center Voice Mail telephone number is (562) 902-3177. Slowly and distinctly leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Learning Center, sponsored by the City of La Mirada, has been in operation offering selected computer courses since August of 2001, and has delivered training to over 3000 students by the beginning of 2015, many taking multiple classes over several sessions.

Our La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center, and our Volunteer Organization, will continue to provide some brand new learning experiences for our Seniors.  Our courses will be offered in four sessions throughout the year. You can review the Courses with their descriptions, as well as our Seminars and Workshops, and their position in the “Session Schedule” by visiting the “Courses” section of this website.

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La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center
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